Monday, September 2, 2013

Mon 9/2 Labor Day

I have no idea what day it is or what time it is most of the time in China. There are no clocks anywhere. Not in the hotel room which drives me a little nuts! Everyone had a pretty good night but it was hard to settle down and get to sleep. Bubbles and glow sticks are a big hit! We had KFC for dinner it is right next door to hotel. Lee went out to order he said it was quite an adventure pointing at pictures. We ended up with a bucket of hot wings some French fries a tiny mashed potatoes one corn on the cob and 4 Pepsi.  Not exactly what he ordered but oh well :)

This morning we went to breakfast buffet everyone was really nice and smiling at us with both girls. Housekeeping is also very nice to us. Anna ate 2 bowls of congee (like oatmeal porridge but made of rice) the girls also love the yogurt you can drink with a straw. The hotel also has a very small kids play area Anna liked that. Our guide picked us up at 9 am to go back to the adoption office for more paperwork.

We got all the adoption stuff notarized and Anna got a gift of an ethnic minority doll. Also the orphanage director was nice enough to bring Anna's photo album back she was so worried about it. She goes around saying Mama Baba Jze Jze (sp?) all day long:)  Our guide had to go apply for a passport for Anna so the driver took us back to the hotel. We went to the little park for a bit then up to the fitness center to play with the big balance balls.

It's really hard to get a lot of pictures because we are so busy and my hands are always full. Later our guide came back and we walked to Walmart to get a few things for Anna. It is about 1/2 hr walk from our hotel and to get across the street you have to take an underground walkway. Not scary but very confusing. The Walmart is also underground. Not like our Walmart! After Walmart we went to an American coffee shop. The owner Chris is from Indiana. It was great to talk to someone who can understand us! 

We get a lot of looks out on the street - 2 white people with 2 Asian girls. Double takes and triple takes. There were only 80 adoptions in Guizhou last year so the don't get a lot of western visitors. We saw one other family from Spain. We went back to hotel I though Anna would be tired from all the walking (she keeps saying c'mon lets go or something in Chinese) but she was even more wound up! Rachel was very tired. We made some noodle cups in our room - we have an electric kettle. Then I got the girls a shower and settled for bed. Rachel is a big help but it is also hard for her. We are going to the monkey park tomorrow.

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