Thursday, September 5, 2013

Provincial Museum

Today is our last full day in Guizhou.  After breakfast we went to the Guizhou Provincial Museum.  We learned about the history of Guizhou and about the different groups of minority people including the Miao people.

At the museum we bought the girls some ethnic minority dolls and I bought Anna a silver butterfly necklace. On the ride back to the hotel Anna got a little car sick and threw up.  Too many different things to eat I think.

After a little nap and a little play time everyone felt a bit better including me I have a cold. We decided to walk to Pizza Hut it's not that far but you have to take all these underground walkways to cross the street. The pizza was just ok. 

Tomorrow we fly to Guangzhou. It has been so cool and rainy here. It will be hot and humid in GZ. 

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