Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Monkey Park

On Tuesday we drove to Qianling Park also known as the Monkey Park. It is a tranquil wooded mountain park that is home to over 500 Macaque monkeys. They are quite bold and will steal anything from you hand or bag if they think you have food.

There is a large Buddhist temple in the park called Hongfu Temple which means good fortune. It was built in 1667 AD. There are beautiful gold Buddha statues inside. We were not permitted to take pictures of the statues. While we were there a man and his 97 year old grandma asked to take a picture with us! 

There is a small lake in the park and a tree covered mountain peak. The mountains are small- more like hills. People are exercising and dancing and playing a game with a whip and a top. It was very peaceful here and the weather was pleasant. 

After the monkey park we went to lunch at a traditional Chinese restaurant called Grandma's Kitchen. It is right behind the Sheraton. The speciality is Kung Pao chicken - although I asked for mine without the chili peppers. We also used the squatty potty here. Of course Anna is a pro at this, Mom not so much. ;)

The girls gave a donation at the temple of 3 RMB (about $0.50 USD) and got a red ribbon to tie on a tree for good luck. I have a cold now so heading to bed. 

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