Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8 is Great!

My dear little Rachel turns 8 next week right before we leave for China. We are leaving in 8 days! She is going to miss 2 weeks of school. Lee is taking 2 weeks of vacation time and I am taking a personal leave. Because I had minor foot surgery last month I pretty much used up all my paid time off except for a few days.  However we got some good news this week - I can't really say what it is at this time, but trust me - I'll fill you in later.

Been checking the China news channel on our cable and there was a massive land slide in Guangzhou that closed the train station and stranded thousands of people in Guangzhou- yikes! There has been bad flooding in China. There was also a volcano eruption in Japan- we are flying home through Tokyo. I hear the Narita airport had high-tech toilets - we shall see!

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