Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today's the day we're on our way!

We're all packed and ready to go! Sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to Chicago which will be short. Then we have a long layover. Then we have a 14 hour flight to Beijing!

Didn't get to sleep until 3am last night due to having to do all the packing last night. We have 3 suitcases for 3 people going and 4 returning. Plus we each have a small carryon. It's not very much stuff but I'm tired of lugging it around already. 

Rachel has a home work assignment to write down all her flights in a journal. We're all on our devices now but Cleveland airport has no power outlets - what?!

There were some cool elephant statues when we walked in. Hope to check in online along the way!
*Update - we made it to Chicago now we have a long layover.  No power outlets in Chicago either - really missing Akron Canton Airport!

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