Thursday, August 8, 2013

Last part of fees

Our passports are on their way to the Chinese Consulate in NYC for visa stamps.  They put a stamp in your passport and send it back to you so you can enter China. Praying nothing gets lost by FedEx!

We also got an update and a new photo of Anna!  She is 5 1/2 but only about 33 lbs.  She doesn't look tiny in her picture though- she always looks so happy!  We had sent her a care package a few weeks ago and she is holding some of the items we sent.

We are leaving in 3 weeks.  We have so much to do to prepare it's overwhelming!  We also have a tremendous amount of expenses.

The visas were $570, the flights to China were $5500, the China orphanage donation is $5000, and our in-country China expenses (flights, hotels, etc.) are $6000.

We are very thankful to the people who supported our fundraiser.  We got about $1000 in donations.  We will do the gift card drawing August 10.

We have applied for 4 small adoption grants.  We heard back from 2 of them that they are taking our application to the board for review.  Praying that we get something!

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