Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sat & Sun Day 3 & 4

Saturday we spent the morning in Beijing. We had breakfast at the hotel which was so much food but we didn't get to eat again until our flight way later. We walked down the street from our hotel and saw a shopping center with an Apple Store and McDonalds. We kept walking about 1/2 hour to the Forbidden City. We really had no idea where we were going and it was hot!  We didn't have time to take a tour or any thing. We stopped and bought some Popsicles and walked back. We had to check out and our guide picked us up at 1:30pm. She did not want to pick us up until 2:00pm for 3:30pm flight and I was worried about traffic etc. But I should have known as soon as we got to they airport we saw our flight was delayed 2 hrs. So we had to sit and wait for an hour and there are no seats. We finally check in and go to security so our guide had to leave. Thanks Cai for all your help!

Airport security was not nice at all! No liquids on flight at all- no water bottles, shampoo, etc. I beeped thru the x-ray and has to get wanded - I think it was my glasses. The female officer was not friendly. Oh well. On to the gate to wait a bit. The domestic terminal is the old Beijing airport it's pretty old and small. We got a shuttle bus to our plane our flight was on Hainan. It was fine no problems. The food wasn't good though. We got to Guiyang around 9pm not sure as there are no clocks in China it seems!

Our guide Vickie picked us up. She is very nice and speaks great English. She gave us a whole history of Guizhou Provence but I was so sleepy in the car. We are staying at another Novotel hotel. The room is very nice but smells faintly of cigarette smoke. Also we have 1 king bed, a couch and a cot. Should be interesting. The night manager was super helpful but he is apparently the only person in the hotel who speaks English. The beds are hard. I was warned but they are HARD! We had a good night got to bed around 1:00am. 

Now its Sunday morning. We had breakfast at the hotel again. The breakfast is combination breakfast buffet and Chinese buffet. We try to eat a lot because we keep missing lunch and dinner. After lunch we wanted to go buy some supplies so we asked at the front desk. There is this one young guy that speaks a little English so he gave us directions. We found a little market up the street and there is a KFC right next to the hotel. We didn't see anything else except clothing and electronic stores. There is also a very small park next to the hotel.

At 3:30 Vickie is going to pick us up and we will meet Anna around 4:00pm at the Civil Affairs/Adoption Center. My stomach is not feeling too good. I don't think I ate or drank anything weird. Hope it passes. Everyone else is doing well. There are no other white people here at all. We were the only ones on the plane and we haven't seen anyone else non-Asian. Definitely a different perspective!

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